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TEST STARTS when you begin typing and ends when time is up. SPECIAL FEATURES (grey & black buttons) are explained below. PLEASE READ notes below test about how results are marked.
Forced Correction: you cannot progress until you correct the error.
GAME MODE: Starts on General/Easy/30 seconds/ pass tests to move on.
ENTER key to Pause: Enter again to continue. Results not recorded.
Control live stats: Click this button then click stats below to display during test.
Full Word Highlighting: Test highlights next full word to be typed.
Hide Error Messages: only during test, they are still recorded.
Single Line Display: Only one line of test words displayed, 6 at a timeā€¦
Top 50 Today
1 QywsY 65
2 kl0wJ 42
3 Barend Geldenhuys 42
4 VI4cs 41
5 HIbsZ 36
6 xn1oi 34
7 rwETs 31
8 UXwyr 24
9 q7Gqe 18
10 Amit kumar soni Soni 18
11 ggJW7 17
12 M2Hg3 14
13 a3oqS 14
14 ZbWtZ 14
15 WLXAR 13
16 VoNnl 10
17 OKJkN 0
Your Selection: General - Level 2 - Test 4 of 7 - 1 minute

WPM (words per minute) is based on one word being equal to 5 characters (spaces included).
Every uncorrected error = 1 WPM deduction. For example, Andd = 1 WPM deduction.
RAW = Gross WPM before error adjustment. CPM = Characters per minute including spaces .
ACCURACY = the percent of correct entries from total typed entries including corrections.
Grade WPM
Super sonic 150+++
Sonic 120-150
Master 100-120
Pro 81-99
Fast 61-80
Moderate 45-60
Average 35-44
Acheiver 25-34
Beginner 15-24
Newbie 0-14

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