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Categories, Levels, Times

Start with the General category, Easy level and 30 seconds. Practice the tests in this section lots of times and watch yourself getting faster. You need to walk before you can run.

The test will loop back to the start. However, you will need to be a fast typist to achieve this, which is part of the challenge. The reason is that the test length is created for someone who can type 100 WPM (words per minute).

No. You can actually build up a lot of speed just with the Easy level. And before you do the hard typing tests you should practise lots on the Average level. You will get some great gains by choosing one test and doing it many times over many days. You will teach your fingers SPEED from this and then be able to transfer this speed to other typing tests. Eventually, spending some time on the harder levels will make the Average level so much easier.

Results Page

After you complete a test you must click the SAVE button to the left of the stats bar. If you are using the site as a guest all your saved results will be available to view for 24 hours after you complete a test. To view test history, top 100 results etc you will need to register.

Only your top score in each Category, Level, Time is entered into the top scores results. This is fair for everyone and prevents a good typist from taking over the results page. All your results will still be recorded in your personal history.

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