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Forced Correction: You must correct your speed typing error or errors to continue.
NO BACKSPACE: Helps you to focus your typing on accuracy before speed.
ENTER key to Pause: Press ENTER to continue typing. Results are not recorded.
Control live stats: Click this button then click stats below to display as you type.
Full Word Highlighting: Online Typing Test highlights next FULL word to be typed.
Hide Error Messages: Recorded typing errors are hidden during the typing test.
Single Line Display: The typing test box displays only one line of words at a time.
Top 50 Today
1 Q7Il6 66
2 Holly 123 63
3 Geoff Holding 58
4 YeAvl 54
5 BU4d7 53
6 fiw3c 52
7 Anne W 50
8 Ramandeep Kaur 37
9 Db0b2 29
10 Michael Eubanks 29
11 Carla Duca 27
12 xO1YZ 24
13 Vts36 21
14 26uUy 17
15 E6EQK 16
16 eXzCJ 13
17 DCLMj 11
18 prashant mishra 9
19 CrjKU 1
20 9pJGF 0
21 i02kl 0
22 F6dOh 0
23 3X8wD 0
24 yDyT0 0
Your Selection: General - Level 2 - Test 4 of 7 - 1 minute

WPM (words per minute) is based on one word being equal to 5 characters (spaces included).
Every uncorrected error = 1 WPM deduction. For example, Andd = 1 WPM deduction.
RAW = Gross WPM before error adjustment. CPM = Characters per minute including spaces .
ACCURACY = the percent of correct entries from total typed entries including corrections.
Grade WPM
Super sonic 150+++
Sonic 120-150
Master 100-120
Pro 81-99
Fast 61-80
Moderate 45-60
Average 35-44
Acheiver 25-34
Beginner 15-24
Newbie 0-14

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